NBDE Consultation Details


• The applications for the DDS/DMD programs in the United States require a very thorough documentation and profile build-up.
• Each and every step is vital to make the candidate stand out amongst the 1000s of applications every year.
• DENTACME offers the following 2 options for PROFILE BUILD UP:

MODULE 1 (Regular)

The school’s admissions officers spend just a minute to go through the CV. So, the candidate has to make sure to work really hard on this one!
1. Assessment of the candidate’s CV
2. CV formatting as per US dental school’s standards
3. Tips to enhance the CV
4. Guidance to help the candidate get externships in the US besides various other things

This is what is the “heart and soul” of your application. With an ineffective SOP, chances of getting into a program are almost negligible.
1. SOP content is discussed with a candidate to build up an impactful SOP
2. Grammatical error and content, both are assessed and amended.
3. The SOP is proof read multiple times and finally the final refined document is sent to the candidate

In the United States, good recommendations have a very vital effect. Various approaches are discussed with the candidate to help him/her to formulate letters of recommendation as per the US standards.

Once all the above steps are completed, we come to the part where a candidate applies to various schools having all the above in hand.
1. As per the candidate’s profile we discuss what are the programs where he/she has the highest chances and we apply accordingly
2. Application needs a specific approach if a candidate is targeting any school in particular.
3. It will be our job to build the profile accordingly.
4. Complete guidance on WHEN to apply.

MODULE 2 1 (Complete; Including the US Visa Guidance)

• Module 2 includes the components already explained above in Module 1.
• In addition Module 2 includes US Visa Guidance as explained below.

One of the biggest hurdles these days to start pursuing the American dream.
1. Documentation needed specially related to the candidate
2. Cross checking and verifying all documentation
3. Solving issues while filling out the application
4. Guidance with interview Qs
5. Mock interview (telephonic/Skype) to make the candidate fully prepared.

For Details on guidance process and Fees please feel free to write to us at dentacme@gmail.com or Call/Msg/Whatsaap us at 8562051432, 9041007118