AFK Consultation Details


• The applications for the Equivalency Programme in Canada require a very thorough documentation and profile build-up.
• Each and every step is vital to make the candidate stand out amongst the 1000s of applications every year.
• DENTACME offers the following 2 options for PROFILE BUILD UP:

MODULE 1 (Regular)

1. We provide support for the online application submission wherever needed.
2. Self-assessment module. This helps the candidate to know how well prepared he/she is for the exam. Any issues/doubts regarding the questions are cleared. Documentation submission. Verification of documents and amending wherever necessary. Candidate can also discuss any issues they face while assimilating the documents or getting them verified/attested.

MODULE 2 (Complete; Including Visa Guidance)

1. Detailed discussion about the aspiration and expectations of the candidate.
2. Assessment of eligibility of the candidate for immigration
3. Guidance to help increase the points to meet the eligibility criteria (if applicable)
4. Explanation about the visa process. When to apply/where to apply/how to apply
5. Proof reading of all the documentation
6. Helping the candidate to file for the visa
7. Discussion of alternate options to pursue the dream of practicing dentistry in Canada
Any other kind of support that the candidate may need.

Note: After successful completion of all the steps, we also provide a separate “Bench exam guidance” module as per the specific requirements of the dental school. Details available on request.

For Details on guidance process and Fees please feel free to write to us at or Call/Msg/Whatsaap us at 8562051432, 9041007118