About ADC Written Examination

• To sit the written examination, you must:
o have a valid initial assessment (for both the application period and examination dates)
o have your identification documents (Passport and Photo) verified in ADC Connect and
o meet the eligibility requirements of the designated examination dates.

• The written examination is a computer-delivered, multiple-choice question examination which takes place over two consecutive days.
• The examination consists of a total of 280 questions across four sections, with 70 questions in each section.
• You will be allocated a period of two hours to complete each section.
• Two sections will be scheduled on day one, and two sections will be scheduled on day two.

• A scenario based MCQ item is an overarching clinical vignette, with five multiple choice questions attached.
• Each multiple-choice question has a single- best- answer and relates to the information in the clinical case outlined in the clinical vignette.
• As the total examination contains 280 questions across four sections, this means that every examination will have 56 scenarios (clinical vignettes), each with five related questions.

• Scored questions are counted for each cluster.
• You must score above the passing standard for each cluster.
• To pass the written examination, you must achieve a pass in each of the four written examination clusters