Director's Message

Expecting to get a good job without studying hard is like expecting to win a marathon without running it

This is the quotation I and TEAM DENTACME always believe in. You reap what you sow. We don’t make any false commitments, no illusions about entrance exam preparations. In today’s world, level of competition is much much higher than ever before and it is increasing day by day with new students coming every year. It is not the level of examination which decides your rank; it is your competition with others which decides your fate. I believe there are few stages in preparation journey and each stage has its own importance. Have tried to summarize below and am sure will help you decide yours and reach your destination.

This is the most important and most difficult step in any journey. And trust me; once you make decision, more difficult is to stick on that. We as TEAM DENTACME will help you deciding your path.

Once you have decided for preparation and chosen your path, more important is to stick to it. That comes only with perseverance and dedication, which we call Killer Instinct – No matter what it takes attitude. Only this can keep you on path of success, nothing else. We as TEAM DENTACME will make sure with personal guidance and attention regarding same.

Most of you guys must have started or will start preparation during internship and many others after internship. Time management is important for both of them. Students who are in internship needs to take time out of schedule and students who are preparing full time needs to utilize time without getting bored or casual. That is where TEAM DENTACME plays the major role in guidance.

I don’t think I need to explain this. It is no rocket science. It is very basic, if we are not well read with all the required books and sources, we cannot expect a rank in such high competition. But TEAM DENTACME will make sure you do that

Only success mantra I believe. U must have heard many times, there are no short cuts for hard work, and revisions make major contribution in that. If you are done with whatever is required to be done BUT not revised well at least 4-5 times, very high chances you’ll miss out closely. Don’t take chance with yourself, plan schedule in such a way that in the end you are able to revise everything calmly, without any panic or stress. We as TEAM DENTACME will help you in planning your schedules and customized according to your preparation levels in end months near exam.

Then come the last days before exam, and you don’t know what to do during that period in stress and then we stand tall with you. Only key to success that time is staying calm and keep mind relaxed. And that is only possible if you have planned everything properly earlier.

Whatever you have read in one year or whatever amount of time you have put in, if you are not relaxed and could not reproduce what you have read, this all will go waste. Those one to three hours are most crucial in selection. We as TEAM DENTACME will make sure you go there with confidence and relaxed state of mind for maximum results.

I believe if you all follow what is told at appropriate times, you’ll definitely see success. That I can promise you for sure. I can promise because I have done all that and succeeded with blessings of God and family.

Get rank, chose college and branch of your own choice and get ready to write few testimonials for TEAM DENTACME. Hope you won’t mind that then.

My best wishes with everyone, who is part of DENTACME, who is not part of DENTACME. Ultimately DENTACME is a vehicle for your destination. Whatever vehicle you chose, just make sure it is driven by the driver who himself have travelled the path and reached goal you are targeting on. STUDY HARD