Why Take NDECC TM Course with DentAcme?

o Daily access to the Classroom Training Center in Chandigarh for Demonstrations, Work-checks and Practice
o Exclusive Instructor-Guided 1-on-1 Training Sessions for Every Registered Student
o Personal Guidance at Each & Every Step of Preparation
o Instructor-Guided Multiple Training Sessions
o Regular Work-Check Sessions Every Day with Detailed Analysis
o Professional State-of-the-Art Live Demonstrations & Detailed Step-by-Step InstructionsBy Instructors for Each Clinical Skills Exercise
o Theoretical Aspects of all Exercises will be covered thoroughly along with Practical Aspect
o Darwin Head, Individual Dental Chair will be Provided to Every Student as per NDECC TMGuidelines
o Accurate Evaluation of Student’s Work for Every Exercise as per NDECC TM Grading Criteria
o Four Full mock exams at Classroom Clinical Center Based on NDECC TM Skills Exam Pattern-
o Exhaustive & Complete List of Instruments, Equipments, Materials, Burs, Drills, Files,Polishing tips, Personal Protective Equipment, Typodonts and Teeth